GROVER KEMBLE: Video footage at music festivals & concerts


Quartet Performance at Shanghai Jazz 2015

Drown in My Own Tears

At Shanghai Jazz Restaurant & Bar in Madison, NJ

Fools Rush In

At Shanghai Jazz Restaurant & Bar in Madison, NJ

Sunny Side of the Street

At Shanghai Jazz Restaurant & Bar in Madison, NJ

Meet Me at Shanghai Jazz

At Shanghai Jazz Restaurant & Bar in Madison, NJ

Blairstown Theater Za Zu Zaz Concert 2014

Concert Excerpts

Grover and Za Zu Zaz perform at the historic Blairstown Theater in New Jersey

Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival 2011

Cool Cat Clawdy

To start off the evening at Morristown’s Jazz & Blues Festival, Grover and The Jerry Vezza Quartet open the first set with an all-time favorite, “Cool Cat Clawdy.”

Cry Me A River

Using some Latin sizzle, they perform “Cry Me a River” with Tom Sayek’s dazzling percussion and Jerry Vezza’s expressive piano solo. The crowd is warming up.

Wayfaring Stranger

They infused this old gospel tune with an expressive jazz rhythm and melodic riffs from each member of the ensemble.


This Bossa Nova classic by Antonio Carlos Jobim filled the evening air with sensuous rhythms and a warm & textured piano solo by Jerry Vezza.

The Sunny Side of the Street

A cheerful standard that swings with all the elements of feel-good music, including the soaring scat work of Mr. Kemble and the imaginative bass playing of Rick Crane.

Don’t Go to Strangers

The band mellowed out that evening with this classic soulful tune popularized by the great Etta Jones. Grover’s guitar sparkles alongside his heartfelt vocals.

Reflections of Ray 2007

Why Ray Charles?

Darress Theatre, Boonton, NJ is where the music of Ray Charles came alive. Grover recounts the reasons why he and his bandmates decided to take on this endeavor.

Smack Dab in the Middle

If Ray Charles had been asked to re-write the song, “My Favorite Things,” this would most likely be his response. Grover & friends saw fit to open up with this number.

Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying

A soulful ballad in the style of Ray Charles helped to slow down the pace of the evening. We get an opportunity to enjoy an alluring flute solo by Marty Fogel.

You Don’t Know Me

This frequently requested classic by Eddie Arnold was recorded by Ray Charles in 1965. Grover’s interpretation is enhanced by some beautiful guitar work.

Them That Got

Falling on hard times never sounded so good! In this number, we are treated to the wailing sax of Marty Fogel and a vaudeville-style piano solo from Regan Ryzuk.

Whatd I Say

Right away, the audience recognizes the intro to this blues classic. A true “call and response” style had the whole house involved in this unforgettable number.

Special Guest of John Pizarelli at Carnegie Hall 2005

Grover had a wonderful time closing the show that night at Carnegie Hall with his dear friend John Pizarelli. Enjoy the good vibes!