GROVER KEMBLE: More of his musical journey captured on video


Za Zu Zaz Reunion 2011

I Want to Rock!

On May 27, 2011, Za Zu Zaz was invited toThe Jazz Folk Project in Morristown. Special thanks to Kevin Coughlin of for capturing the footage.

20 Years Ago

A reminiscent piece about their earlier years. Athough their careers branched in different directions, it’s nice to see things come full circle once and a while.

I Want to Rock!  (outdoor version)

A special outdoor recording of  “I Want to Rock,” complete with the chirping birds of springtime. Grover, Machan, and David promoting the concert. Video by Kevin Coughlin.

Grover Kemble & Blow DaddyO

Jet Set

With Grover, you not only get Jazz and Blues, but a touch of Broadway! A song about seeking the finer things in life ends off in quite a crescendo. “It’s a cooker,” says Grover.

50 Cents

An example of the Caribbean influence in Grover’s music. A comical favorite about how too great an appetite can lead to a whole host of problems… for whoever’s paying.

The Scatman

If slowed down and analyzed, this video can double as an advanced course in jazz vocal improvisation. The lyrics in between are almost unnecessary.