Community Music Festivals and Private Events

For several decades, Grover Kemble has sought to provide high-quality live music. With a warm personality and keen sense of humor, he easily connects with his audience and keeps them smiling long after the show is over. Kemble and his bandmates display a high level of sophistication, impeccable timing, and a compelling sense of style. As they share the spotlight during solos, the melody becomes a high-flying ball in a musical game of catch. On the other hand, some listeners require a subtle ambiance for their private event. On such occasions, Grover and company can create a smooth backdrop with softer offerings.

Live Entertainment for Businesses and Organizations

A company-sponsored event creates a unique setting in which to engage your community, customers, or investors; introduce new products and services; or to recognize team accomplishments. If you are planning such an event, how will you produce an atmosphere that promotes goodwill and fosters the free exchange of ideas? As with any social gathering, success can be measured by how well your guests interact with one another. What often helps to break the ice and get people talking? High-quality live music. If you desire a loud and lively rhythm or a soft and lingering melody, allow Grover and his band to serve as a conversation piece. sample

Professional Music Training for Upcoming Artists

Grover is well-known for his patience and generosity, especially within the music industry. With years of practical experience and a passion for teaching, he is a valuable asset to this community. At large festivals or smaller venues, upcoming artists feel free to approach him for specific instruction as well as general guidance. Musicians and vocalists from various genres have sought his advice on proper technique, improvisation, songwriting, and stage presence. According to Grover, no matter how far you develop your skills as an artist, there is one “school” in which you should always be enrolled: The School of Gig.

To me Kemble is a cross between Louis Jordan, Cab Calloway, AI Jolson, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, with a little of Jimmy Durante thrown in.” – Dave Dorn, New Jersey Jazz Society

“That’s All” by Grover Kemble

Morristown Jazz/Blues Festival (2011)

Grover and pianist Jerry Vezza getting ready before the first set at the Morristown, NJ Jazz & Blues Festival

All I Had Was Fifty Cents (1998)

Live recording at the world-famous Shanghai Jazz Restaurant. Featuring John Pizzarelli and Jerry Vezza.

Three Kings – ZaZuZaz (1999)

Za Zu Zaz – Founded on the groove of Jazz’s Golden Age, but seeking to infuse some international flavor.

Hallelujah I Love Her So (1994)

Grover revives this toe-tapping classic blues single from Ray Charles.

That’s All (1994 Follow Album)

With a breezy Latin influence for sweetness and warmth, it’s one of the prettiest songs you’ll ever hear.